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    Hello there my fellow levelers!

    In BDO you grind a lot. And to be fair there's no rush to max level (hard cap). However, it feels nice to "hit that next level" doesn't it? [​IMG] I'm currently 26.8% on 55 and is on my way to 56!

    I spend a few minutes to gather all the info I could come across according all the possible XP buffs/passives in game, this is the list I came up with:

    Night XP 20 - 30% (not sure about the amount) source: you get this automatically between 10PM - 7AM ingame time

    XP scroll 50% source: costs 300 loyalty points from Cash Shop (press F3)

    Set bonus 10% source: in the Cash Shop (press F3) you can purchase a set. All sets except Fishing suit and Ghullie suit gives you this bonus.

    Experience Elixir 10% source: Can be crafted with alchemy but also bought on AH.

    Light EXP scroll 5-10% source: Can be found by looting random objects around the world. Also commonly obtained from chests that are unlocked with bronze/silver keys. Some quests in the beginning of the game rewards you with these as well.

    3x Pets 9% source: Cash Shop. By breeding pets to higher tiers than tier 1 unlocks pet abilities which one can be (if you are lucky/rich enough) 3% combat experience.

    Milk Tea 8% source: Can be crafted with cooking but also bought on AH.

    Combat Awakening Skill 2% source: at level 48 you can awaken your abilities. Some abilities can get a buff which gives you 2% experience for 5 seconds after usage. See your black spirit after lvl 48 for more info :>

    Titles 3-5% source: when getting new titles in game you are rewarded with luck, bonus experience and energy. Press P and go underneath titles to see your progression.


    2x XP crystals 20% source: Magic Crystal of Infinity - Experience (one per account can be acquired from Hailey in Altinova for 240 energy points).

    From level 49+ there is a quest-line acquired next to the storage manager by Hailey. Your mission is to answer 21 questions in order to get a Hard Black Crystal Shard and a Magic Crystal of Infinity - Experience. Before you start guessing and losing 10Energy each wrong answer, I give you the answers in advance.
    From #1 till #20 it costs you 10 Energy each time and #21 costs 40 Energy to answer making a total of 240 Energy needed to complete the quest and receive your reward.

    The quest is shared between the characters, therefore you can use multiple characters if you dont have 240 energy in total

    [DISCLAIMER] Spelling/Translation mistakes included.

    Answer #1 - Captain of Moguly Pirates
    Answer #2 - 101
    Answer #3 - Lord Accusation
    Answer #4 - Sexually harrased assilience
    Answer #5 - Remains of Ancient Giant
    Answer #6 - Allan Serbin
    Answer #7 - Dark Red Crystal
    Answer #8 - Khuruto
    Answer #9 - Comitia of Tantinis
    Answer #10 - The Mausoleum
    Answer #11 - Kamasilve Temple
    Answer #12 - Neruda Shen
    Answer #13 - Adam Berney
    Answer #14 - Mediah Shore
    Answer #15 - Alustin
    Answer #16 - Sezec Hunters
    Answer #17 - Cron Castle
    Answer #18 - Scuffling Letusa
    Answer #19 - Helmet
    Answer #20 - Wandering Rogues
    Answer #21 - Bareeds III

    Added up that's a crazy ~150% experience boost!

    Without the limited ones you are at ~70%. That's like 1.5 loyalty xp scroll passively!

    Please let me know if you are aware of more possible xp buffs/passives (gm buffs should not be added to this list, since you don't know when you will get them).

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